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Belief: I’m in the business of “real-people,” not real estate. I believe in focusing on people first; effortlessly managing the intimate process involved in selecting the perfect house. I'll help you all the way through until the very first day you step across the threshold of your new home.

Purpose: Since 2003, I have helped more than 100 families find homes in the areas they desired. My passion for real estate and my joy in what I do has allowed me to broaden my services to meet the expanded needs of a larger client base.

Service: I specialize in mid-century modern Hawaii homes. I work with hand-selected full-service experts to make sure you get the highest quality service you deserve in a timely manner. 

Commitment: You have the immeasurable commitment of each member of my team, from the architects, builders, photographers, stagers and event planners to continually put you first, in order to….

unearth your oasis, in the midst of modern luxury….