My daily mission is an integral part of what I do and I constantly strive to deliver real estate experiences beyond expectations to enhance my client’s lifestyles. It is important for a seller to choose an agent whose professionalism they can depend on and who possesses knowledge and experience they can trust. With over 20 years in the Real Estate industry I can guide my sellers through understanding and managing risk and alleviate issues that could otherwise delay your closing. I also keep current on all laws, rules and regulations governing real estate, the industry and the economy.

  • RESPONSIVE AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS : I will set up and maintain a schedule of regular and efficient communications, based on your preferences, to keep you up-to-date on the status of your home’s sale
  • RESPECT OF YOUR TIME : To save you time, I take responsibility for the countless details that must be managed for your sale to be completed
  • PEACE OF MIND : Whether it’s meeting escrow deadlines, following up on paper work or Securing documents and reports,’s my job to ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL:Cooperating brokers respect my reputation for fair and honest representation,. they also know they can expect a smooth and timely transaction process when they work with me
  • SKILLFUL NEGOTIATORS : I will negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best price and terms. I also work closely with cooperating brokers to ensure all conditions and contingencies in the negotiated sales agreement are satisfied to successfully close the sale
  • MARKET SAVVY : I keep you aware of market changes so you can make informed decisions regarding the best price for your property
  • MORE MONEY FOR YOUR HOUSE : By setting the correct price, networking among agents, providing comprehensive marketing, negotiating and paying close attention to the transaction process, I help you acquire the highest net proceeds possible



When new properties come on the market, they generate the highest level of interest they will have during their entire listing period. Agents and buyers want to see what’s new on the market. So, your home must be prepared and positioned to take the most advantage of this initial burst of interest. I can make sure this is the case.
Staging” your home with modest enhancements and repairs can add significantly to your bottom line. I am experienced in helping you plan the smartest and most cost-effective improvements to maximize your home’s value.
Listings with multiple high quality photos stand out. Buyers typically ignore Internet listings that do not have photos. The wrong photos can diminish interest. I will arrange for numerous photos that present your home in its best light on the web and in printed sales materials.
Every home has a unique appeal to potential buyers. Discovering that appeal and communicating it clearly is creating your “value story” — why your home is worth what you are asking for it.
Selling a home involves preparation of documentation and paperwork: doing surveys, investigating potential encroachments, researching permits, understanding by-laws, ensuring clear title, and preparing seller’s disclosures. I will make sure all of these details are handled early in the process to minimize unwanted surprises or delays.
Setting the right price is probably the most critical decision you will make in the marketing of your home. I will provide you with in-depth information on current listings, pending sales, recently sold properties and properties that did not sell to help you develop a pricing strategy that will achieve your objectives.
I utilize a variety of marketing strategies to ensure your home is visible every day.
Depending on the needs of your property, I will use a combination of broad-based and targeted advertising to find the right buyer and the best possible offer for your home.  Nearly 90% of buyers use the internet as part of their home shopping experience. And around a third of shoppers start their search online. You must work with a real estate company that ensures your home taps into this vast marketing avenue for maximum exposure and results.
Extended Market Reach
·      When you list with me, we'll have access to the Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS.  This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your property is marketed online 24/7 through more than 350 of the most popular search Websites. 

·          REALTOR.COM® :   Your enhanced listing appears on the Internet’s #1 real estate site, and on the real estate channels of major websites like MSN,, CompuServe and more.

·          GOOGLE BASE™ :   Your listing gets updated every 24 hours, making it easier to find on the search engine that accounts for more than 60% of all searches performed worldwide.
·          YAHOO! REAL ESTATE™ Your property will appear in the Yahoo! Real Estate™ listings. Yahoo! ranks as the world’s No.1 most visited Web portal and Yahoo! Real Estate™ is the second most highly trafficked real estate Web site according to Hitwise.
·          TRULIA.COM :   The 2006 winner of Business Week’s “Best of the Web, Real Estate” award, has more than 5 million visitors a month thanks to its easy-to-use Web 2.0 map-based search interface that provides high-level property information and links to your home’s property detail page.
·          FRONTDOOR.COM :   Your home will be included among the 1.2 million listings that appear on This important new online listing service was developed by Scripps Networks, the lifestyle media leader behind HGTV, which is seen in more than 95 million U.S. households.
·          ZILLOW.COM :   One of the most-visited real estate websites, was ranked #3 in the Top 20 Real Estate Category Websites in 2008 by Hitwise.’s online real estate community allows homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents and professionals to find and share vital information about homes. By having your home listing appear at, you’re reaching an important audience.
Keller Williams is not your traditional Real Estate company.  That is why it is not surprising that we are the #1 Real Estate Franchise in the World, by agent count.  Keller Williams helps me stay ahead of the trends in the real estate industry through comprehensive, industry-leading training curriculum and research resources.  It's what prepares me to provide you with unparalleled service. 


Your property has many values: one to the tax assessor, another to a lender or insurance company, and yet another value to you, the owner. It also has different values to prospective buyers, depending on their needs, desires and financial resources. The best price obtainable for your home will ultimately be determined by the dynamics of the market. We, at Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties uses a combination of market data and real estate expertise to develop the pricing strategy for your home. Our comprehensive evaluation takes into consideration all relevant factors such as location, buyer demand, financing and recently sold properties in your area that are similar to your home. Setting a realistic listing price for your home ensures that your home is viewed as attainable by the largest number of qualified buyers. Greater interest, in turn, leads to better offers. While this approach does not limit the actual selling price of your home, it does give your Coldwell Banker agent a strong foundation from which to secure the most money for your house.
Market data has shown that a prudent buyer will pay no more for a property than it will cost to secure a comparable substitute. It’s important to note that pricing your home higher than comparable listings may actually help sell another property more quickly than yours. If the asking price of a property increases beyond the fair market value, the pool of potential buyers decreases dramatically. Pricing it at market value increases the number of showings and the percentage of qualified buyers viewing your home. Although pricing your home below market value will further increase the number of potential buyers, it is my objective to pursue the highest attainable price in order to meet your timeframe and financial goals.
I am committed to creating enjoyable real estate transactions and I strive to provide ongoing home services for my clients before, during and after the sale. And most of all, I set an environment of environment of aloha where we can learn, grow and succeed together. Please feel free to call me for a complimentary Seller’s consultation!