Unearth your oasis, in the midst of modern luxury…

Belief: I’m in the business of “real-people,” not real estate. I believe in focusing on people first; effortlessly managing the intimate process involved in selecting the perfect house, all the way through to the very first day you step across the threshold of your new home.

Purpose: Since 2003, I have dedicated my efforts to fulfill a long time passion in real estate. With over 100 gratified families placed in homes in the areas they desired, I have been encouraged to broaden my services to meet the expanded needs of a larger client base.

Service: Specializing in mid-century, modern Hawaii homes, my desire to broaden the scope of the service has been successfully achieved as an owner of a team of hand-selected full service experts within Keller Williams; the largest real estate company in the nation.

Commitment: You have the immeasurable commitment of each member of my team; from the architects, builders, photographers, and stagers and even the event planners to continually put you first to….

unearth your oasis, in the midst of modern luxury….